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Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled by Joel GAzis-SAx
Copyright 2001 by Joel GAzis-SAx

Why do graves face east?See Letters, "Grave Orientation"
Why do people leave stones or coins on the grave?See Cemetery Symbolism: Offerings
What does a skull and crossbones on a tombstone mean?See Cemetery Symbolism: Glossary
Does a finger pointing down mean the fellow is going to hell?See Cemetery Symbolism: Glossary & Letters, "Finger Pointing Down"
What are the tombstones that look like stumps?See Cemetery Symbolism: Plants
What laws apply to burials in my state?See Consumer Guide
Where are the burial listings?See Letters, "Where are the Burial Listings?"
How can I find out who is buried in a cemetery?See Letters, "Obtaining Cemetery Records"
How do I make a tombstone rubbing?See Taphophile's Handbook: Tombstone Rubbings
What is the meaning if a horse on a monument has only some of its feet on the ground?See Letters, "Battlefield Trivia"
What happens to a body after it is buried?See Letters, "Decomposition"
What is the Day of the Dead?See Deathlore, "Artifacts from the Day of the Dead" & Taphophile's Handbook , Celebrating the Day of the Dead
How do I take good cemetery photographs?See Taphophile's Handbook , Photography Tips
Why are graves dug six feet deep?See Letters, "Six Feet Under"
What does a mortician do?See Letters, "What Does a Mortician Do?"
How do cemeteries make money?See Letters, "Financing a Cemetery"
How did the Egyptians embalm their dead?See Letters, "Mummies"
What do the letters IHS mean?See Cemetery Symbolism: Tombstone Latin
How can I use City of the Silent to promote my death-related website or service?See Inscriptions & Search Engine
& Link Exchange
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Photos: 1.) Death Valley National Park, California; 2.) Mission Dolores Cemetery, San Francisco, California; 3.) Hills of Eternity, Colma, California;
4.) Serbian Cemetery, Colma, California. All photos Copyright 1995, 1996, 1998 by Joel GAzis-SAx.