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The Taphophile's Handbook

A Guide to Collections and Celebrations
Plus Alternatives to Vandalism and Theft

What is a Taphophile?

Maybe such things don't bother you, but personally, I don't like it when people refer to my interest in cemeteries as necrophilia. I am not interested in dead bodies: I am a folklorist, an anthropologist, a student of history! I love to walk in cemeteries and I enjoy reading histories of peoples' fears and hopes for their eternal rest.

Taphophilia is the best name for my syndrome. It means "love of cemeteries and funerals". All those who walk the shaded avenues of our favorite graveyard now have a word to describe ourselves without sounding like strange sexual perverts.

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Cemetery Etiquette
How to Do Tombstone Rubbings
Virtual Tombstone Rubbings
How to Photograph Cemeteries
Collecting Cemetery Postcards
Celebrating the Day of the Dead
Cemeteries in The Sims
Inscriptions, A Reader's Sharing Page
Mailing Lists for the Taphophile
The Sepulchral Year: A Taphophile's Calendar
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Pictures: 1. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts; 2. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California; 3. Old Burying Ground, Concord, Massachusetts
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