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City of the Silent offers five mailing lists for those who love cemeteries or are interested in the culture of death:


The official newsletter of City of the Silent, the web's most notable site about the culture of cemeteries. Mailings will appear no more than once a month. [ARCHIVE]

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Grave-L is the original list for taphophiles (literally "lovers of tombstones"). It focuses primarilly on the sociological, anthropological, historical, artistic, spiritual, folklore, and other nonmorbid aspects of cemeteries and sepulchral culture. We're not a Goth, horror, or genealogy list, though persons with such interests are welcome to join and participate in the discussion. Differences respected. Flaming not tolerated.

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Deathlore-L is a sister list to the popular Grave-L, one that focuses on the mythology, folklore, customs, and religious beliefs surrounding death. It goes beyond mere skepticism and gullibility to explore the anthropological and sociological aspects of our mourning customs and beliefs about the afterlife. Civil disagreement is welcome: flames are not tolerated.

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taphophile is a mailing list where cemetery enthusiasts can socialize, plan cemetery crawls together, tell one another about interesting cemeteries (with directions), and talk about their recent adventures among the tombs. Members are asked to remain on friendly terms, to avoid debate, and never flame.

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Virtual_lawn: A mailing list for photographers who are interested in contributing to Virtual Lawn, City of the Silent's gallery of cemetery images.

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Photos: 1: Hollwood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California; 2: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, California; 3: Yosemite National Park, California. Photos copyright 1995, 1996, 2000 by Joel GAzis-SAx