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The Taphophile's Link Exchange

The following rules apply to all sites wishing to participate:

  1. The site must have substantial content in the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, archaeology, the arts, or literature. Cemetery sites are given first preference.
  2. The site may not advocate suicide, hatred, vandalism, or violence. It must be nonmorbid in nature.
  3. There may be no pornography on the site.

Banner Exchanges with City of the Silent

We run our banner exchanges through This allows us to set a percentage for each site that joins our network. We will rotate your banner (468 x 60) on our pages at least 1 percent of the time. As our partner, we will give you access to the stats for banner displays. (Sample page.) We ask that you run the City of the Silent banners on your site.

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The following banners are approved for use for linking with City of the Silent. Please download them to your site or contact me for URL information:

Please link all banners to

Contact Joel GAzis-SAx at when you have set up your end of our banner exchange. Be sure to send a banner of the dimensions 468x60 or the URL where I can find your banner. If you need a blank banner, try here.

Button Links to City of the Silent

The available links are illustrated to the right. Pick the one which suits you and download it to your site by right-clicking and saving the image using your browser.

Use the following code to link the button to City of the Silent:

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new"><IMG SRC="ctybtn01.gif" BORDER=0></A>

Be sure to change the name of the image to that of the button you have chosen.

Contact me at Let me know where I can pick up your button (88x31 pixels) or email it to me. Tell me which pages feature my button. If you need a blank button, try here or here.

I will place your buttons in up to four locations on the site. Reciprocity is required.

Final placement of buttons in City of the Silent is my choice. You may state a preference.

Other exchange members are listed below. Each member may set her or his own conditions for reciprocal links.

Photos: 1: Pala Indian Cemetery, Pala, California; 2: Wellfleet, Massachusetts; 3. Panteon No.1, Tijuana, Mexico. Copyright 1999, 2000 by Joel GAzis-SAx