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Collector's Choice

And This Was My Beloved

A Barkeep


Bona Fide Poetry

A Brighter World?!

Call it Courage

Capitalist Martyrs

Can't Find My Stone?

Cruelly Remembered

Cruelly Unremembered

Death Valley Dead

The Debtor


End of Conversation

Engraving Included

An Escaped Slave

Fated to Die?

A Fireworks Maker

He Made it Rhyme

He's a Lumberjack

His Favorite Things

Highflying Couple

The Irish Bard

A Loyal American

The Marx Father

Murder Most Foul

My Own Epitaph


Patient Scientist

The Perils of Drink

A Procrastinator

Promise Cut Short

Question and Answer

Quiet Please

Quite a Crowd

Rock of Ages

Savagely Murdered

She's a Winner!

A Soldier Poet

Somebody's Daughter

Space Cadet

Space Cadet 2

A Titanic Victim

True Royalty

Victim of Circumstances

Voyage Home

A Wayward Clergyman

What a Drag!

Wife and Man

Writ in Water

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