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About Contributing

Virtual Lawn is a gallery of cemetery images by professional and amateur photographers. It is an excellent way to publicize your work at no cost to yourself. For its part, Virtual Lawn displays your work in a simple but attractive format and protects them against copying and linking. You retain the copyright for each photograph. If you have a website, we will link to it from each photograph we choose to display. (The photograph itself will be kept on our site, so we will not be using your bandwidth.)


  1. Photos must be your work.
  2. They must be submitted in jpg or gif format.
  3. Each photo must be accompanied by a title, cemetery name, cemetery location, and copyright date. You may also include your website name and URL. Please write a brief biography of yourself if this is your first contribution. (See below for guidelines.) Website links may not contain violence, adult-only matter, or hatred.
  4. They must measure no more than 400 pixels wide and 375 pixels high.
  5. File sizes must not exceed 125K.
  6. Pictures should be original treatments of the subject of cemeteries; they must not merely document: they should impress the viewer as a good photograph. If you have a picture that makes you say "Hey! I took that!", it is probably a good candidate for Virtual Lawn.

Brief note about bios

To help our readers appreciate the people who made the photos in our collection, we ask that you submit a brief biography. Here are a few examples:

Michaelangela is an amateur photographer living in Palm Beach, Florida.
Fra Flippo Lippi studied photography at Carnegie-Mellon University where he placed first in the annual Senior photo contest. Many of his photos are on permanent display in the Vatican Museum. He lives with his brother monks at Gethsemenai, Kentucky.
Leonardo da Vinci is an undertaker from East Lyme, Connecticut. He started photographing cemeteries when he worked as a gravedigger at New York City's Rikers Island. He is married with three children.
Della Robbia is a single mother and a student of anthropology at UCLA.

You may include a small photograph of yourself to accompany the biography. The photo may be no larger than 120x120 in size.

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