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John Bolgiano writes: "Although I have been playing around with photography for more years than I care to say, it is only within the past two years that I have come to appreciate the beauty to be found in cemetery art. I live in the Baltimore, Maryland area and have been slowly gathering photos of the city's graveyard treasures. Most of my work is with color film, although I have been drifting more towards black and white recently, with occasional forays into both infrared and pinhole photography."

Website: Cold Marble Photos

Phillip Brown, amateur photographer of monuments in UK churchyards and cemeteries, particularly interested in Angel statues and representations.

Website: Stone Angels

Christine Conte says "I've been taking photos in cemetaries for about 6 years, most seriously in the past year. I'm mainly interested in the historical, artistic and spiritual aspects of cemeteries."

Darren Eyers wrote to tell us: "I've only recently taken an interest in cemeteries, one in particular, the Howff in the center of Dundee in Scotland. Myself and fiancee have recently started to catalogue the gravestones within the Howff via photographs and logging the inscriptions. There are many interesting stones to be found, mainly having symbols upon then representing the Nine Trades of Dundee, i.e. bakers, glovers, hecklers (a process used to soften flax before spinning). We are now beginning to wonder why we didn't start this project a few years ago as it is turning out to be an interesting hobby. Unfortunately as far a photography goes I'm only using a small 35mm point and click, I'm hoping for something more useable in the coming months.

Website: Tombs of the Dundee Houff

dianne writes: "I live in Queensland, Australia and never leave home without my simple yet trusty camera, with hopes of coming across one of my favourite places to visit - a cemetery."

Website: Living Stones

Dennis Felty says "I am a fine art photographer. In recent years my interests have been a documentary on Coney Island, memorial art from around the World and children of Eastern Europe."

Website: Northstar Gallery

Joel GAzis-SAx studied anthropology at Pomona College and Duke University, English Literature at the University of North Carolina, and Photography through the University of California Berkeley Extension. Through City of the Silent, he claims popularization of the word "taphophile". He founded the Ring of Photography. He lives with his wife, four cats, three turtles, and a lizard in Trabuco Canyon, California.

Website: City of the Silent

Jim Griffin tells us "I've been a photographer for as long as I can remember. I have photos taken of brother and sisters when I lived in Yuma, Arizona, in 1957! They were taken with my Kodak 'No 2A Folding Autographic Brownie' (Which I still own)! I began shooting commercially, part-time, about 7 years ago and continue to do mostly weddings and other 'event' coverage after hours. I've just recently received my first Addy award, in Tulsa, for my photo portion of a trade show poster! My current position is company photographer for a aerospace company based in Tulsa. I am responsible for the majority of the company newsletter photography, some advertising photography, special event photography, and have just begun doing some video work. My newest project is taking photos of employee artwork for a company calendar!

Website: GryphPort

Majorie Gurley describes herself, simply, as "homemaker and mother of two children."

Laura Helfrich has been interested in cemeteries and mourning practices for a long time. "This summer," she tells us, "I was excited to find that I work very close to a historical cemetery, namely The Woodlands, in Philadelphia. I've spent many hours there and am always finding something new."

Website: Casting an Eye

Barry Holt is 29 years old and a nurse for a family practice in Cary, NC. "It's great knowing that other people enjoy cemetary sculpture as much as I do," he writes.

Thomas Izaguirre is an artist and designer living near Annapolis, MD.

Patrick Jennings is...well...he has photographed, written plays, developed software; he has travelled much of Asia, more of Australia than any Australian he knows, too much of Europe in too little time, more of America than he'd care to admit, and so little of Canada it's embarrassing--Africa and the America's south of the Rio Grande are big black holes on his travel map.

Website: The eJournal Picture Gallery

Peter Klose is the Curator at Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park in Ontario, Canada, managing threatened and endangered species. As a hobby Peter photo documents old tombstones and researches the lives of those gone and mostly forgotten. His travels have taken him from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, through the American States, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas.

Web Site: Past Endeavours

Robert Leslie is an amateur photographer from Birmingham West Midlands, England. He tells us: "I have been into photography since being a schoolboy. Once I became a professional working for my local newspaper, The job almost put me off photography. The banality of producing images dictated by my picture editor ruined any artistic flair I had. After seven years I packed it in. I never picked a camera up for another 5 years, then digital imaging started. This was what I was looking for, the freedom to produce the image in my mind, a task that had been difficult with the limitations and expense of chemical processes. I now shoot my pictures with 35mm SLRs develop the films myself and scan the negs into the computer for 'processing' and printing. My only regret now is my age (50) I want a 8 meg pixel SLR at a reasonable price. A true trouble free A3 photo printer which is cheap to run, and most of all more time to take pictures.

Website: Album

Joseph Messer is an amateur photographer living in central Florida. Cemeteries are one of his favorite subjects to photograph.

Kathleen MacNulty sent us the following self-description: "41 y/o Have been doing cemetery photography since I was 15. Started out taking photos at a beautiful old cemetery in Ann Arbor Mi, where my father is buried. Now I rarely leave the house without my camera as I never know when I will run across a cemetery."

Website: Eternal Gardens

Morgaana enjoys photographing cemeteries in her not-so-spare time. She updates her web site with her findings regularly.

Website: Mostly Cemeteries

Richard Pierce is a Retired Army Officer, now living in Los Angeles. He is a former member of Arlington National Cemetery Honor Guard, 3rd US Infantry, Washington D.C. (Ft. Myer, VA).

Ken Schaub is an amateur photographer interested in graveyard studies. He is a retired Air Force officer.

Stephano writes: "I'm living with Viral Cardiomyopathy,a rare deadly heart virus. I'm also a professional artist (painter) because of my illness I had to find a new medium. After what I have been going through these last 8 months. I find PHOTOGRAPHY is a great creative outlet for me.

Lisa Sturtridge lives and does most of her photography in Michigan. She's fascinated by the history, both public and private that can be found in cemeteries.

Website: Old Bones

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