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A Timeline for Taphophiles

Copyright 1996, 2000 by Joel GAzis-SAx

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Some of the entries in this timeline are gruesome and may be upsetting to sensitive persons and children. I have taken the precaution of rating this page with the Recreational Software Advisory Council. If you are a parent, check this site out to see the ways in which you can work with web-designers like myself to guide your children around objectionable or otherwise distressing material. I am not responsible for unsupervised visits to this web site.

Ancient Times and Early Christianity 50,000 BC to 999 AD
The Middle Ages and the Renaissance 1000 AD to 1599 AD
The Age of Colonization and Enlightenment 1600 AD to 1799 AD
The Romantic and Industrial Era 1800 AD to 1899 AD
Modern Times 1900 to the present day

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Photos come from the Detroit Publishing Archive of the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. 1 - Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts; 2- Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 3 - Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
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