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Thank you for coming to read the FAQ. I like people who read FAQs.

What is a taphophile?

A taphophile is simply someone who has a nonmorbid fascination for cemeteries or funeral customs.

What is this search engine for?

The Postmortem Search Engine is for sites related to death, dying, and horror. It was first established in 1995 by Joel GAzis-SAx as an adjunct to City of the Silent, the original page devoted to taphophilia -- the nonmorbid fascination with the culture of death and dying.

Can I add my own site?

Yes, if it fits into one of the categories. You will notice at the top of the frames a little button which says "ADD". Click on that. Be sure to include the name of the site, the correct URL, and a description. Be sure the description includes any pertinent information which will help those doing searches on the site. For example, if you are entering a site about people buried in your local cemetery, be sure to include the name of the cemetery, the town where it is located, the state, county, and/or country. Your funeral-related business should likewise include this kind of information.

Be sure to doublecheck your spelling before submitting your site. What you submit is exactly what searchers will see.

Where should I put my site?

I recommend that you browse through the categories and see what other sites have been added. Put your site among those which most closely resemble it.

Are any sites prohibited?

All sites promoting hatred, pornography, get-rich-quick schemes, the sale of "antique" or "used" grave goods, vandalism, and all off-topic sites are prohibited.

Can I put my site in more than one category?

Yes, if it is a neat fit in another categories, too. Please try to find the one category which fits your site. Don't try to cram it into a category which it only roughly fits. For example, your death metal band does not deserve a place under Cemetery - Anthropology just because you wear cool masks or under Graves - Epitaphs just because you include some in your lyrics. Please don't add your site to more than three categories. I periodically go through the database and remove junk.

I can't find a category for my site. What should I do?

Put it under "Other/Miscellaneous" and send me a note. If it merits the creation of a new category, I will make one up and place it there.

I have more than one page. Can I submit them all?

I prefer that you narrow the number of pages you submit as much as possible. Look at my own sites: you will notice that I have entered City of the Silent under Cemetery - Anthropology. I have some subpages of substantial size which I have also entered. For example, I have the Epitaph Browser (under Graves - Epitaphs), Cemetery Clip Art (under Cemetery - Art), Postcards from the Grave (under Cemetery - Art), etc. You do not see individual listings for each epitaph on my site or the individual clip art pages. You also don't see every one of the subpages for City of the Silent -- only the more important ones. Do as I say and do!

I boobooed. What should I do?

Write to me and tell me what the mistake was and how you want it corrected.

I moved my web site. What should I do?

Write to me and tell me what the old URL was and what the new URL is.

Can I nominate myself for an award?


I think this is a great site. What can I do to help you?

You can give me a link! (Thank you!) Here's the code:

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new"><B>Postmortem Search Engine</B></A>

It will look like this:

Postmortem Search Engine