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Please Don't Just Thank Me!

The Epitaph Browser has been constructed
with the help of many, many people,
some of whom are listed below.
I am most grateful for their contributions to this page
and welcome the addition of more names to this list.
This is a monument to these wonderful people in their own lifetimes.

Thanks to Tracy Adams, Donna Anderson, Lea Ann, Tom Anthony, Pam B., the Barbatos, Johnna Barnes, Neil Blumberg, Willie Bea Bradley, Megan Bryant, Ed Bruno, Nathan Buckland, Ulf Hylten Cavallius, Chris Clement, Chris Cogar, Edward Coleman, Brian Conley, Robin Crockett, Jim Cuda, Jane Elizabeth Del-Pizzo, Dianne, Theresa Diehl, Frederick M. Dittmar, Patricia Donahue, Evelyn Flood, C. Louis Frey, Denisse Goulart, George Hall, Georgina Greco y Herrera, Sheila Hart, Bill Harvey, The Hoppers, Lyn Ickes, James Lovvorn, James Jayo, Bill Kennedy, Don Kreutel, Jerry Lohmueller, Louisa Marshburn, Janet B. McClellan, Peter and Andrea McDonald, Bill McPhail, Amy Merickel, Fran Mosconi, Marc Moyer, Patrick Murphy, Jenny Muscarella, Richard E. Myers, Bob Neipp, Morna Reynolds McHargue, Pierre du Parte, Russell Phelps, Sheri Rain, Micki Rainey, Rosalie Rechholtz, Judith Reveal, Robert Rich, Beth Robertson, Ramon Salubides, the Singley Family, C.T. Skinner, Jim Slagle, Barry Smith, Marlon Smith, Michael K. Smith, Don Sucha, Chris Sucoe, Sheila Thurston, Donna Volkenannt, Tim, John Wheeler, and Valerie Zimmerman!

Note on submitting epitaphs: I love to get new epitaphs for this page. When you send them to me or post them to Inscriptions, please be sure that you have included the name of the deceased, the location of the grave, and the entire epitaph.