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The Hale Family

Nathan Hale Cemetery,
South Coventry, Connecticut

Durable stone preserve the monument-
al record. Nathan Hale Esq. a
Captain of the United
States who was born June 6, 1755
and received the first honors of Yale
College September 1773, resigned his life a
sacrifice to his country's liberty at
New York September 22 1776 Etatis22nd
Mr. Richard Hale, Jr. born February 20
1757. Died of a consumption in the
Island of St. Eustacia February 12 1793
Age 37 years They were sons of Deac.
Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth Hale of Cov-
entry, two daughters of Mr. Richard
Hale Jr. and Mrs. Mary Hale one
named Mary born July 6 1787 and
died December 10, 1791. The other Polly
born January 25, 1792 and died October 2
1793. Their bodies sleep beneath
this monument