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Ellen Tucker Emerson

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery,
Concord, Massachusetts

[Inscription on the Front Side of Monument]

Her life was happy in that
"Among of real life, she wrought
Upon the plan that pleased her childish thought."

[Inscription on the Back Side of Monument]

She cherished the old Religion.
It was her Guide through each day and the
Temple to which in solitude she withdrew.
The joy of her Father and Mother and
the comfort of their last years, her love
embraced the widest circle of kindred and friends.
She loved her Town.
She lived the simple and hardy life of old
New England, but exercised a wide and joyful
hospitality and she eagerly helped others.
Of a fine mind, she cared more for
persons than books, and her faith
drew out the best in those around her.

Daughter of Ralph Waldo and Lidian Emerson