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Thomas Clarke

Old Burial Hill,
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Here lies buried ye body of
Mr. Thomas Clarke
Aged 98
Departed this life March 24 1697

Thomas Clarke was mate of the Mayflower
according to tradition in the Plymouth and
Connecticut colonies. History gives his
arrival in Plymouth from England in the
ship Anne in 1623. He married Susan Ring of
Plymouth in 1634. Their children were Andrew, James,
William, Susannah, Nathaniel, and John from whom
descended numerous posterity. He married his
second wife, Mrs. Alice Hallett Nichols of Boston
in 1654. He lived for some years in Boston
and also in Harwich of which town he
was one of the original proprietors.
He died in Plymouth having lived in the
reigns of seven British sovereigns, the Commonwealth and the Protectorate.

This stone is erected to his memory
by his descendants A.D. 1891.