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Simon Bradstreet

Old Point Burying Ground,
(Charter Street)
Salem, Massachusetts

Esquire in the Senate of the Massachusetts
Colony from the year 1630 to the year 1673
then Lieutenant Governor to the year 1679
and at last, until the year 1680, Governor of the same Colony by the General and Deter-
mined vote of the People. He was a man endowed
with keen judgement who neither threats nor
honors could sway. He weighed the authority
of the King and the Liberty of the people
in even scales. In religion devout and upright.
In his ways he vanquished the world and
reliquinshed it on the XXVIIth day of March
in the year of our Lord MDCXCVII, and in the
IXth year of King William Third, and of his
life the XCIVth.